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Are you looking for an Ottawa PPC Agency who can help your business or organisation increase visitors, leads and sales online? Then you have come to the right place! We have been working with Google Adwords and other paid media platforms (Facebook etc) for many years and have helped numerous clients gain increased leads and sales.

Ottawa PPC Consultants – Our Process

Keyword research – We look at your keywords and find out what people are searching for to find your services/products and build up a list of keywords to target

Ad Creation –  We create ads that clearly communicate what you’re offering and ensure that they stand out from your competition

Landing Page Development – We create landing pages for your adverts so that the campaign is fully targeting and when they click on the ads they get sent to a page which clearly matches what they want

Tracking Setup – We ensure that we are able to track everything on your campaign so that we can increase ad spend on the best performing keywords and ads, and reduce spending or optimize ads and keywords which may not be performing – it is all about continuous monitoring and tweaking

Campaign Launch – We will launch your campaign and monitor it to ensure everything is fully optimized and running correctly

Daily Management – We check your accounts on a daily basis and tweak ads to gain better results

Monthly Reporting – We reporting everything to you in a transparent way and are here to answer any questions about your campaign.

As you can see from the above, we offer clear and transparent PPC services. We only focus on your ROI and ensure that we help you achieve your aims and objectives.

To discuss your PPC requirements please contact us for a free consultation.




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