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As a leading SEO Agency in Ottawa, we help customers in Ottawa and across Canada to increase website visitors, leads and sales online. We work on a whitehat basis and this means we always follow the rules Google and other search engines set so that your site is always safe.

SEO Ottawa Process

We start by understanding your website and the current assets that we have to work with. This allows us to understand your business and ensure that that you are targeting on your website are the searches that your customers are actually using to find the services that you offer and want to grow. We do this by undergoing in-depth research to your business and ensuring everything is properly set-up and the foundations are in place.

Once we have ensured that your website SEO foundations are in place, we would then look at ways in which we can build high-quality links to your website to help increase its authority and rankings on Google and other search engines. We look to guest post on other websites and link these posts back to your website and this tells Google that your website is trustworthy and should be ranked higher in Google. We also actively monitor your competition, reviews on social profiles and rankings on a daily basis to ensure that what we do has a positive result on your rankings.

SEO Services Ottawa

As a leading SEO services company in Ottawa we have a tried and tested method of SEO and have helped numerous clients get results online. SEO and internet marketing may seem like an unknown subject, however, once you understand it’s potential for your business, then you will understand its value and what it can help you achieve. Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO. if you have any questions please let us know and we’d be happy to help.


What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimisation – it is a way that marketing companies use to send signals to a website to prove that it is worth ranking higher in search engines, like Google. These signals can be links from other websites, new content on the website, links from social media platforms to the website and other tried and tested methods – they are all used to build trust in your website and this helps search engines trust it more.

Will SEO Help My Business?

If people are searching for your services and/or products then SEO can help you gain visits from these website searches and increase the awareness of your company. If you are a local business then people will routinely search for local searches, just think if your website was at the top of these searches and you gained hundreds, if not thousands, more visitors to your website each month.

Why Is SEO On-going?

SEO never ends, there will always be competition to rank for search terms that bring in visitors and leads so you need to ensure that you continue to build links and trust in your website to allow you to stay ahead of the competition. As well as this search engines change what they want in terms of trust signals on a weekly basis so you need to ensure that you are up to date with these changes and stay one step ahead of these to continue ranking.

As a leading Ottawa SEO Consultant, we can help you get the most from your internet marketing. To discuss your requirements please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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