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80% of people search Google when looking for your services. DRC Web Design will help you create an effective online presence to ensure you capture those leads and customers.


Tablets and Cellphones now account for more than half of your website visitors. Therefore we ensure that all our sites are mobile-optimized to ensure your chances of success increase.


Gone are the days that websites take months to build, are inflexible and almost outdated by the time they launch. We Build great looking sites in days, not weeks. So you will get results.. fast!


I would just like to say how pleased we are with the website established by DRC Web Design! From the moment we first talked with you until today we have been treated with great respect and professionalism. The web design was so well done we had more than three thousand people respond and buy at least one book using the site with not a single problem. Many of our customers had never used a website to make a purchase before and the fact so many of them were able to do so successfully is ample evidence on how well done it was

Lowell Green

Thank you so much to you & your team of experts for helping me create my brand new logo for my new business, and rebranding my existing one! You guys nailed it!!

Pina Cava

Ottawa-based Web Design Agency

Ottawa is a city with a diverse cultural and business landscape, full of organizations that rely on the internet for marketing solutions. Most businesses that operate within the public sector need a notable online presence for them to acquire new customers, considering Ottawa is a capital city and has an abundance of such organizations.

The most effective way for businesses in Ottawa to showcase themselves online is by having an effective website designed by an Ottawa agency that displays all of the information for members of the public to find out everything they require to discover their services.

The previously mentioned diverse business landscape in Ottawa includes a range of local and multinational organizations, from small to medium companies that service the local market. As the capital city of Canada, Ottawa has many government-owned organizations that offer services to people and businesses alike.

DRC Web Design has a deep knowledge and experience in crafting effective websites over the past decade for local and multinational businesses and public organizations. We approach every web design project with the aim of creating a visually appealing and functional website that is perfect for converting visitors into customers through sales and leads for the businesses.

Web Design Solutions for Ottawa Businesses

As an Ottawa-based web design agency, we start every website project by asking our clients what their target audience is. DRC Web Design is a web design agency in Ottawa that provides services across Canada and focuses on creating a website that has a positive impact on businesses.

Whether the client’s goal is to increase leads, sales or showcase an elevated image of their business, our Ottawa-based web designers can provide a solution to achieve it all. Our approach differs from other web design agencies, as we do not try to fit every client to the same mould, we treat every client as individual and unique.

The most important aspects of an effective website are to accurately showcase a company’s brand and the products and services that it provides to the general public and most particularly its target audience.

Over the past decade, we have built websites for all types of businesses in Ottawa and have experience creating solutions for every industry in the local market. We also provide marketing solutions in Ottawa by continuously studying trend in the market and creating a campaign that effectively converts traffic into sales and leads.

At the beginning of each project, our Ottawa-based agency consults with our clients to craft an online marketing strategy that leverages the experiences of both ourselves and our clients to build the most effective website and campaign for them.

What Makes an Effective Website?

Responsive Design

Customers access websites for Ottawa businesses through a variety of different devices and platforms, from smartphones to tablets and computers. It is very important that no matter what the device your website is viewed on with relative ease. This means that a responsive website design is necessary that your website appears the same on all devices by automatically adjusting and resizing according to the screen it is viewed on.

Search Engine Optimised

Google and other popular search engines crawl the information on your website through the code, content and structure to decide which keywords they should rank your website for. A lot of Ottawa-based web designers don’t create your website with this optimisation in place, making it difficult for search engines to crawl it. At DRC Web Design, we make sure that every aspect of your website is built in a manner that will make sure it is optimised for Google’s algorithms and index it against the relevant keywords for the business.

Social Media Integration

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn attract millions of users every day that engage with businesses through peer recommendations. This means is it is very important to have a website that is structured so that its contents and information can be shared easily on social networks and generate user engagement. A structure that attracts qualified traffic to your websites also helps with the SEO initiatives you put in place.

Conversation Minded Design

Our Ottawa-based web designers want to start conversations between yourselves and your visitors and that means being conversation minded. In this context, this refers to the actions that people take once they have visited and digested the information on your website. Whether that be purchasing your products or services, sign up for a newsletter, making a phone call or submitting information. As a web design agency, we want to build you a website that is conversion friendly and reflects this in an attractive design. This includes effective use of content, graphics and well-placed buttons and calls-to-action.

Measurable Performance

DRC Web Design is goal oriented and we create web design solutions for clients in Ottawa that empower our clients with the knowledge that will enable them to make the right business decisions for themselves in the future. As a result, every website we build comes with integrated analysis solutions, such as Google Analytics and Search Console, to provide accurate data about their website’s traffic.

How much does it cost for someone to design a website?

It’s difficult to put a monetary cost on a website build without knowing exactly what you want from your website. You can contact our Ottawa-based web designers to discuss your requirements and work out the best options for you. We are capable of catering to a number of niches, having worked with clients in the world’s leading industries, so we are sure we can meet your requirements for the right price.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

At its core, web design refers to the aesthetic aspects of a website and its usability. Web designers usually use graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop to create a layout for a website including all of its visual elements. However, web developers take a design that a website designer has created and makes it into a functional website. Web developers usually use a mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, as well as other programming languages that enable them to bring life to web design files.

How long does it take to design a website?

Typically, websites can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, but we offer a much faster return. Through tried and tested methods we have managed to reduce website design and build time to just a few days. We are able to reduce labour time while still achieving high-quality, which reduces the cost for us and those savings are passed onto you with lower web design and build costs.

What do I need for a website?

There are many things you need for a website, including high-quality images, content, detailed information about your services and/or products, a company history, trust signals, testimonials and more. For the technical side, you need to register your domain, purchase hosting, the previously mentioned content, emails and someone to design and build your website. DRC Web Design can assist you with anything you need from the above lists and we want to make the process as easy and satisfying as possible, so you get the website you’ve always wanted.

Are you based In Ottawa?

Yes, our founder Domenica Agostini has lived in Ottawa for her entire life and is well-known in the community. We are based in Nepean and operate from there on a daily basis. We are reachable by phone and email and are happy to set up face-to-face meetings with you to discuss your new website design and build. We can talk you through the whole process and make sure you have everything you need for a successful website.

Can you help with website hosting and email setup?

In addition to web design and building services in Ottawa, we are able to set up your website hosting and make sure you have all of your email addresses set up correctly. We want your new website to be ready and creating new business for you as soon as possible, so we do everything in our power to make sure you have all your websites and hosting set up.

What is a typical web design process?

The web design process consists of six steps which we’ve explained below to help you understand the work we’ll be doing to complete your website to its maximum potential. If you need any more information, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know about the web design process.

  1. Discovery – The first step of the web design process is to gather the information we need to understand your business and industry, your target market and customers, and the ultimate goal for your website is.

  2. Planning – Next is a critical part of the process. Research and planning are needed to clarify the objectives for your website and guide the design process. This step also involves planning for your SEO strategy, creating a sitemap of the pages that will be on your website and reviewing the content that will go on your website.
  3. Website Design – This will be the overall visual design for your website. We will create a wireframe of your basic web page elements and then move to a more realistic mockup in Photoshop.
  4. Website Development – At this point, your website design will be translated into code and built into a fully functional website. This is the longest stage of the process and we will keep you up to date will all progress made until your website is complete.
  5. Launch – Finally, your website will be complete and ready to launch. This is where everything will be checked off to make sure it works as expected and has every element that is required. Then, your website will be launched and handed back over to you to operate as required.
  6. Maintenance – The final step is to work out a maintenance schedule for the long-term health of your website and should be done by a professional company, such as ourselves. It consists of updating WordPress, themes, plugins, backups, security, analytics tracking and your website hosting.

What are the next steps to get my website built?

If you’re satisfied with everything you have read and are satisfied with proceeding with a web designer based in Ottawa for your website design, then contact us today. You can contact us by phone or email and we can get the process rolling by gathering all the information we require and making a plan for the building of your website. We will proceed through the steps outlined above and create the perfect website for you. The only thing stopping you is yourself, so get in touch today for a free consultation and quote.

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