Amazing Web Design Trends You Should Consider for Your New Website

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Amazing Web Design Trends You Should Consider for Your New Website

The end of the year is, of course, not the ideal time to be taking on a new website, but we wanted to provide you with some design inspiration to get ideas flowing. DRC Web Design comes across countless businesses who have been considering a new website for some time but never have the time to set aside to focus on the project. However, we can help by providing some inspiration to motivate you to get it done and start generating more business with an exciting web design.

Throughout 2018, web design has moved away from minimalist visual and towards more complex effects to create excitement in everyone who views your website. Today, we are going to discuss just a few of them – including stacked text elements, glitch video effects and more artistic imagery. The examples you will see today are just a handful of ones that have caught our attention this year and we hope to see more unique websites like these popping (ironically, this would make them less unique but let’s skip over that!).

Stacked Text in Web Design in 2018

Do you remember just a few years ago when three-word homepage headlines were the trend for web design? Well, that has been changing over the past few years and is now something that we rarely see anymore. Stacked blocks of text have become a trend in web design and with it, the weight of the headline is still carried, but you can now tell your customers more in the same space.

However, don’t just go throwing massive sentences on your homepage because while it is in trend, there are some caveats. Typeface selection is incredibly important to making this design choice work for your website. You should choose a font that is easy to read and leaves enough room between each letter and line of your headline. You don’t want to choose a font where all the letters overlap and give your visitors a hard time.

Glitchy Video in Web Design in 2018

In the days of the past, if you saw a glitchy video on a website you’d probably think that there was something wrong with your internet connection or the website was broken. Of course, the rise in popularity of deliberate glitchy visuals could be attributed to a number of sources but the most important is that they make you look. It can cause intrigue within your visitors and although they question whether it is deliberate, they will almost certainly tell someone about it.

We could define the characteristics of glitchy video in a number of ways – “distorted, jerky movements” is probably the most suitable one. You can’t use it in a haphazard way though, it needs to have a purpose within your web design otherwise it will look cheap and will turn more customers away rather than draw them in. The framework will often be minimal as too much design can mean that too many things are going on for it to be effective.

Abstract Art in Web Design in 2018

Abstract Art has always caused intrigue within anyone that views it. People will try to decipher it and perhaps won’t understand it at all, but that’s what makes it so intriguing. Of course, it won’t work for every company’s website and may lend itself best to art galleries and events, but it is finding its way into a wider number of projects. The great thing about utilising abstract art in web design is that it can be achieved in so many different ways and you can make your mark on your visitors if you do it just right (or wrong?).

Wildsmith Skin is a natural skin care brand, not the kind of company you would immediately associate with abstract art. However, they utilise a split screen approach to their website design, offsetting the person on the left with an abstract image on the right. If you’re looking at the screenshot right now, you’re probably wondering “what is that?” and you’re probably looking at it intently to try and figure it out. THAT is the effect you want to have with the use of abstract art on your website.


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