Jennifer White Launches New Website Thanks To DRC Web Design

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Jennifer White Launches New Website Thanks To DRC Web Design

Ottawa-based lawyer and investigator, Jennifer White, has just launched her brand new website thanks to DRC Web Design.

Jennifer White came to DRC Web Design after meeting with Domenica Agostini through their mutual work in law within the city of Ottawa. She has established herself in the city by working alongside companies in the private and public sectors investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

As a result of her conversation with Domenica, Jennifer decided it was time to get a new website to  showcase the company that was optimised for search engine results. Of course, Domenica was happy to collaborate on this project and help Jennifer to establish herself online and reach a wider range of companies across Ottawa and beyond.

Jennifer White provides investigative services to well-known companies in the public and private sectors as well as local governments. She conducts fair, thorough, thoughtful and confidential investigations and prepares a report of her investigation that is both vital and useful for the organization.

DRC Web Design is a web design agency founded in Ottawa with one goal… delivering excellent websites in days not weeks. In the past, building a new website to capitalise on your big idea, whether in-house or via freelancers, seemed to always take forever and be over budget or be subject to compromising what you actually wanted.

The challenge is knowing where to start. It’s one thing to start a website, it’s quite another to actually make money from your website. This is why DRC Web Design decided to do something about it. We improve and build websites to become more profitable, seeing results in just a couple of months.


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