How To Build A Website That Brings You Customers

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How To Build A Website That Brings You Customers

Here At DRC Web Design we understand that most people have a particular likes and tastes, and this even extends to what you may want when it comes to getting a website built. However you don’t want a website that you like, you really need a website which your potential customers like, trust and which makes them contact you.

So how do you get a website like that?

All you need to do is find a website design agency who understands how to create a website which your customers will trust and follow a few simple rules.

1 – Trust is Key

Trust online is everything. And I mean EVERYTHING (Shouty capitals required). You buy from companies you know and trust. So when building a website you need to have great case studies of past work, testimonials from these customers (maybe in video format too) links to reviews you’ve gained on third party sites (Google My Business, Facebook reviews and anymore you are on) social media links and ensure that you have a blog which is full of useful information (like this one I hope you’d agree).

If you compared that to a website which did not feature any of the above then I know which one would get the most calls time and again. So when planning your website think long and hard about this and ensure that you think from your potential customers angle when designing your site.

2 – Make Sure You Have CTA on every page

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CTA I hear you say. What are they? Well CTA stands for Call To Actions. They basically mean telling someone what to do on a certain page, so putting in Call Us On XXXX phone number or a contact form attempting to get people to fill it in are all forms of a call to action.

When having your website built make sure you look to have these used at least 2 / 3 times on each page – a phone number at the top of your page, a contact form in the middle or the page and a contact form and phone number at the end of it – each time people will see it they will be lead to contact you.

3 – About Us Page

An about us (or you) page is a good way in which to add some personalization to your website. You can share about who you are, why you do what you do and the history about your company – it’s a great way in which you can again build trust by be open and offering insight into your company.

4 – Address And Contact Information

People need to ensure that you are 100% legitimate, so clear contact information and an address are key to this. Make sure that they are shown across your website and that you have your address at the bottom of your website. This will also help you for local searches on search engines.

5 – Industry Accreditations And Awards

In order to really stand out make sure you add in any industry accreditations and awards that you may have. It shows your experience and expertise, as well as indicating that you have been accredited by an outside party. Joining local business groups and chambers of commerce is a great way to boost your accreditations. As well as this make sure you enter awards in your industry and look to add these to your website as well as writing about them on your blog, newsletter and social media profiles.

6 – Clean And Professional Design

Your customers want to be able to enjoy spending time on your website so you need to make sure that it looks great, especially on a range of devices such as a tablet and iPhone. When designing your website look at other websites you like and make notes about what you like and why, your website designer may offer advice on why certain aspects may not work on your site, but website is a gradual process, just make sure you plan out each page and liaise with your website designer in order to create something that your website visitors will love using.

7 – Simple Navigation

No one wants to have to go through loads of navigation to find what they are looking for, so my advice is always to keep navigation simple and to the point. You can add in drop downs if you have multiple services and products, but just make sure that it looks and works well on a mobile as well as a PC.  Look at a large online business such as Amazon and see how they keep their navigation simple.

8 – Useful Content

Great content is the basis for your website, as it builds trust and conveys what your business does. So make sure everything you write about offers value. I always recommend that you have a blog and try to update this regularly, we work with numerous businesses with regular blog content and it really helps these businesses attract new leads. Fresh content packed full of value is a great way to share your expertise and educate your readers, look at this article full of tips and advice. Look to create something like this in your industry and be the go to expert.


This is getting more important and your potential customers know this, an SSL is the little padlock at the side of your website address and tells people that if they buy or share their information then it is safely transmitted. We always add SSL’s to all websites that we build and Google even give your website a little nudge higher in the rankings if you have an SSL, so make sure that you have that on your list when having your website built.

So there’s 9 tips to help your website gain more customers, if you have any questions please feel free to ask us on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or contact us and we’ll be happy to help!




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