8 Design Tips for a More User Friendly Website

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8 Design Tips for a More User Friendly Website

Is your website not converting as many customers as you’d like? This could because your website is not user-friendly enough and customers are finding it difficult to navigate to where you want them to go. This infographic shares eight web design tips to help you make your website more user-friendly.


A Quick Summary:

  • Unclog the clutter

Less targetted content means that the viewer is always distracted, reduce clutter to reduce distractions.

  • Out vital info where most eyes go

Users spend more time looking for information “above-the-fold” and particularly on the left-hand side.

  • Maximise your visibility on the user’s reading pattern

Most users scan websites in an F pattern so use this to maximise your content in these areas.

  • Swift loading time

Websites that load faster keep customers for longer and they don’t need to wait around for what they want.

  • Size of your search box

Having a clearly visible search box helps customers find and make use of it much easier.

  • Page layout

Optimise your page layout and make it uniform across all of your pages.

  • Typography

Follow a uniform style throughout, too many fonts can be confusing for users.

  • Links

Blue is the most noticeable colour for links, so make use of it to ensure clicks.


Check out the infographic below for more info.


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