Press Release: Ottawa Woman Taking On Male Dominated Web Design World

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Press Release: Ottawa Woman Taking On Male Dominated Web Design World

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Domenica Agostini is a court reporter by day but at night she takes a brave leap into the world of Web Design, a traditionally male-dominated field.

Domenica founded DRC Web Design earlier this year, initially working with clients in her hometown of Ottawa with plans for quick expansion. Within just a few short months she has completed a number of websites and graphic design commissions for local businesses in Ottawa.

She dreamt about owning her own business for a number of years before being given the opportunity to open a web design agency. Although she had little experience in the web design industry, she is a strong learner and spent many months learning the ins and outs of the trade and how to build an agency.

Having lived in Ottawa and being a court reporter, she managed to form strong relationships with local businesses and has been able to use them to her advantage in building her brand’s reputation in the first few months.

From building early success, she had managed to expand the business and can now take on new clients from the cities surrounding Ottawa. With a keen ambition to explore work beyond Ontario into other Canadian states in the near future.

Speaking on starting her own web design agency, Domenica said, “Owning my own business is something that I’ve long thought about but never dreamed I would ever achieve. So, setting up on my own was very scary but I’m glad I took the leap in the world of web design. It has helped me learn things about myself that I never knew about and increased my confidence massively.”

The future looks bright for Domenica and DRC Web Design and she is hopeful that her web design agency will become her main source of income by the end of the year. She has stepped up the pace and is even attracting enquiries from further afield in North America and the UK.

DRC Web Design, 118 Rita Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2G 2H4


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